Perfect Peru

One of the main reasons I wanted to travel South America was because of its diversity of landscapes.

So far we’ve visited mountains, jungle, deserts; seen beautiful beaches, natural wonders and many modern metropolis.

Peru’s geography is extremel unique as it holds parts of all of these elements. I fell head over heels in love with Peru and I hope some of these photos can do it justice.

Floating Islands Puno, Peru. HB

Entrance to the floating islands in Puno, Peru. 

Isla del Sol, Bolivia HB

Sunsets on La Isla del Sol, Bolivia/Peru border. 

Donkey's Isla del Sol HB

The sound of donkey’s on La Isla del Sol. 

Copacobana, Peru HB

View of Lake Titicaca from El Mirador de Copacabana, Bolivia/Peru border. 

Colca Canyon, Peru HB

The Colca Canyon, Peru. 

Red Beach, Peru HB

The red beach in Paracas, Peru. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos. I’m not 100% happy with them as usually I like to edit and enhance them a bit, but I think my now 5 year old iPad is on its last legs and the editing software keeps breaking down!

I am currently in Palomino, Colombia. I found my favourite Story Worth Repeating so far when in Medellin so I’m hoping to get that written up ASAP.

Watch this space!

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