La Paz Maravillosa

When driving into La Paz, what took me the most by surprise was the city’s unique and vast landscape.

Thousands of bustling streets and houses create a wash of colour that spills over the edges of the valley.  The snow capped Andes peak through the clouds, and the smart yet unexpected mode of transport – cable cars – connect the points between.

It really is a marvellous city.

Although interesting and packed with things to do, the city itself is quite challenging to capture because it’s all packed so tightly together. Taking a ride on the cable cars allows you to catch your breath for a second and view the city from above, (in my opinion the best way to enjoy La Paz.)

La Paz from above, Bolivia

Las Pampas: the Amazon’s lazy river


From La Paz, we decided to do a 3 day tour of Las Pampas, which are the wetlands surrounding the Yacuma River and Amazon jungle. Of course there are many downsides to staying in the jungle, like being covered in mosquito bites, having frogs in the toilet and bats inside your mosquito net!

However, when you stop to appreciate where you are and take in the unbelievable sights and sounds around you, without a doubt it becomes an experience you’ll remember forever.

Monkeys, birds of paradise, pink dolphins and Las Pampas at sunset…

Las Pampas at Sunset, Bolivia HB

…the perfect way to end.

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