Salt Flat Spectacular

The three day Salt Flat tour that started in San Pedro de Atacama (Chile), passed through deserts, mountains, canyons and geysers to end in Uyuni (Bolivia) was simply spectacular.

We had the most incredible time touring and exploring the different landscapes with  our guide and the rest of the group. I couldn’t really think of how to put into words how jaw-dropping the experience was, so I’m reverting to my former “photography travels” style, in hoping that photos are enough – enjoy!

 Taken at the Red Canyon and the Laguna Azul.

Life on Mars at the Sol de Mañana geyser.

Geyser, Bolivia

The awe-inspiring Laguna Colorada, where thousands of pink flamingoes (and tourists) flock daily to witness the magical minerals that change the water from blue to red when the wind blows.

Coloured Lagoon, Bolivia

El Salar: salt, altitude and the pressure to take a Uyuni-que photo…

Oh it was so much fun, until next time!

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