What’s new Buenos Aires!

Strolling down the Parisian styled boulevards whilst devouring a creamy Italian gelato, it’s easy to see why Buenos Aires is also known as ‘The European Capital of South America’. And although famed for its delicious food and European architecture, the city also exudes a wealth of art unique to Argentina.

One such exhibtion was ‘Aldo Sessa Presents 60 Years of Work from 1958-2018’ that was held at the city’s modern art museum.

For me the highlight of Sessa’s collection was a glimpse into Argentina’s turbulent political history, which he captured by taking simple photos of everyday life in Buenos Aires.

Inspired by Sessa and his monochromatic retrospective, here are some of my photos I took of the city…(when I wasn’t eating steak, drinking red wine or watching tango!)

Buenos Aires, Argentina


BA Argentina

Just to keep you all updated we are now actually in Bolivia. The South American WIFI has been unsurprisingly patchy…so I have a few more posts planned from our time in between Argentina and arriving here, and I’ll try get them up ASAP.

P.S. Let me know if you get the reference in the title – hasta luego!

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