When we first arrived in Rio, what struck me the most was how green the city is. Of course I’d seen plenty of photos of Rio prior to arriving, but nothing compares to seeing the avatar-esque metropolis in the flesh.

Tall exotic trees line the streets, casting shadows over the old colonial style buildings beneath. Mini mountains pop up around every corner and busy city life fills the gaps between.

Rio’s hidden paradise: the Botanical Gardens and Parque Lage

At the foot of the Corcovado mountain, the botanical gardens and Parque Lage disguise themselves amongst the jungle. Not everyone who visits Rio knows about this secret paradise, but in my opinion it is a must see.

Parque Lage is an ancient romantic style mansion built by an early 20th century millionaire. Originally designed for grand parties and recreation, the house and gardens are now open to the public and are primarily used for tourism and as a cultural centre, where you can study the likes of art, photography and film.

Parque Lage, Rio

I’m sure the Parque Lage students never lack inspiration, it’s all simply breathtaking!



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